LAHORE - The multi-sectoral participation in WISE community which comprises 18,000 active members from 152 countries marks the existence of the fact that education alone on its own cannot fulfill its part in today’s world where other factors such as economy, law reform, infrastructure and planning also play a major role in furtherance of educational transformation of a country.
The World Innovation Summit for Education is a brainchild of the Qatar Foundation under the patronage of the Foundation’s Chairperson Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser in 2009. The prime objective behind the establishment of this initiative was the timely recognition of an ever increasing need of innovation in education given the fast pace with which the world and society is moving; also, the fact that education is the answer to all of the world’s problems, both incumbent and future. It is a multi-sectoral platform for opening new avenues of thinking and implementation for enthusiasts looking forward to improve education via innovation of any sort regardless of their persona.
The Innovation Summit has, since its inception, embarked upon to honour the efforts of educational enthusiast who have been working for promotion of education via introduction of innovation. These honours are called the WISE Awards.
The Awards recognize innovative programs from around the world for their tangible impact on education and society. It not only attempts to promote innovation but, by acknowledging the fact that education is the answer to all problems, also strengthens the world society by arming it with the tools to strategically overcome hurdles in each and every sector of a country. This shall in time culminate into showing its ripples over the economies of the world where potential knowledge has been garnered through this Award.
Furthermore, WISE Awards being earned by Pakistani educational organizations for their efforts would also serve as a breaking ground appreciation and motivation among the educational sector.
Education in Pakistan has been a subject which has not been the favourite child of the leaders of country and hence, has been neglected without realizing the devastating effects to which we all are being faced with now. With a shared lack of interest among the country’s leaders over time, the sector has been receiving very meagre funding which has in time lead to the debacle of the country’s overall set up and in turn has lead to private parties to step in to fill the divide by providing quality but expensive education. Currently, the country needs some form of innovation in this sector and not just by one but many interested people who wish to see learning thrive, consequently, lead the country out of its crisis.