MULTAN - Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Secretary General and candidate from NA-149 Liaqat Baloch has said that the upcoming general elections will prove a turning point for the country and voters’ positive decision will put the country on path of revolutionary progress.
Addressing a workers convention in PP-195 here in Shah Rukan-e-Alam Colony on Saturday, he added that political defections, corruption, ineligibility and violation of moral values for getting tickets jolted the very foundations of the state.
He said that the JI was the only party that could turn Pakistan into a prosperous, calm and honourable state. He said that liberation from imperialism and removal of feudal system was the manifesto of JI so that the masses, especially the youth, labourers and poor sections of the society could enjoy real happiness of life.
He declared that the JI would bring looted national money back to the country and recover written off loans from the mafias. He added that capital punishment would be given on corruption and all properties made through corruption would be confiscated if the JI came into power. He said that a strict ban would be imposed on unjust utilization of national exchequer and use of national resources for personal purposes. “We’ll bring revolutionary changes in tax system, offer ownership rights to the residents of katchi abadis and grant stipends to disable citizens, widows and jobless,” he declared.
Speaking on this occasion, JI candidate from NA-150 Abdul Mohsin Shaheen said that the JI represented the poor and middle class of the country and it was the only party that could bring a real change. He added that those raising the slogans of roti, kapra aur makan deprived the masses of last bite and shelter.
He said that the so called elected representatives embarrassed Pakistan in the world through their corrupt practices. He said that the time had come to get rid of American stooges and looters of national wealth and to bring forth honest leadership.
JI candidate from PP-195 Dr Hafeez Anwar, Younus Javed Ansari, Maulana Inam Ullah and Muhammad Shahid also spoke on this occasion.
E&T issues defaulter politicians names: The Excise and Taxation Department has sent to the district administration details of its 12 defaulters who have submitted their nomination papers from NA-149 and two provincial constituencies PP-194 and 197.
The list sent by the department disclosed that PPPP South Punjab general secretary Malik Aamir Dogar, Adnan Dogar, Liaqat Dogar and Shaukat Dogar are defaulter of Rs180,000. Similarly, PTI leader Tariq Naeem Ullah and Shahid Mehmood Khan have to pay Rs222,000 to the Excise Department while former provincial minister Haji Ehsan Udden Qureshi’s one property is defaulter of Rs23,000 property tax.
A property registered in the name of PML-N leader Moen Riaz Qureshi is defaulter of Rs. 3200 while PPPP leader Mukhtar Awan’s wife’s property is defaulter of Rs15,208. Similarly, PTI leader Arshad Saed Qureshi is defaulter of Rs3,640.
Sources said that the details of defaulters from the above mentioned constituencies have been sent to the district administration for further action and if they fail to pay their dues they are likely to face disqualificat