ISLAMABAD – Teacher Development Conference 2013 on the theme ‘Enlightening Next Generation and Global Educators (ENGAGE) organised by Roots Continous Professional Development Department (RCPDD) and Human Resource Development Department, arm of Roots School System, Harley Street, here at Islamabad Club Auditorium on Saturday. This teacher development conference marked the beginning of celebrations on the account of Roots School System’s Silver Jubilee and aims to attract over 500 delegates across Roots School System and Pakistan’s leading educational speakers, motivational gurus, academicians, mind sciences specialists and progressive thinkers, says a press release issued here. Professional learning is one of the most important investments and educator can make on behalf of their learners.We live in a globally connected, information saturated world. To thrive, our students need to learn in and out of school, in person and online, together and independently. Students need learning experiences that meet them where they are, engage them deeply, let them progress at a pace that meets their individual needs, and helps them master the skills for today and tomorrow. The Challenge of 21st Century is that we need better means to engage everyone’s intelligence in solving challenges and crises as they arise. The answer lies in E.N.G.A.G.E - Enlightening our students and schools to the world of collaboration, global reach, innovation, creativity, discovery and diversity. Roots continous professional Development Department - RCPDD strongly believes in developing its staff through exposure to best ideas, resources, tools and trainers. RCPDD consists of reflective activity designed to improve an individual’s attributes, knowledge, understanding and skills. It supports individual needs and improves professional practice. RCPDD is transforming teacher education to produce 21st century teachers.The panel of speakers for the event included Abass Husain Director Teacher Development Centre, Shireen Naqvi T Director SOL, Sohail Zindani CEO Learning Minds! Group and Kmaran Rizvi, Director NAVITUS, Coach, Author & Trainer.The conference endeavors to explore innovative topics such as Rules of Engagement: Touching the heart, mind and soul, Carpe Diem: Seize what? How to educate kids about creativity, Reinventing your own teaching mind, What educators should learn from their stduents and teaching with purpose living out possibilities. Beyond the classroom education, what do these children need as they grow?   What kinds of services should teachers provide for them? And what kinds of strategies must teachers enhance to truly engage the hearts, minds and souls of the students? The increasing role of facilitation in teaching and teacher- student relationship.Mrs Riffat Mushtaq, Founder Director Roots School System made a pledge to keep on bringing a revolution in education with the same zeal and zest which has been a hallmark of the Roots School System. She paid rich tribute to the teachers who are always in a relentless pursuit of perfection. She dedicated this conference to the pioneer teachers of the system. She shared her rich and valuable teaching experience with the delegates and infused new inspiration and motivation in them with her enlightening views, ideas and suggestions.Mrs Khadija Mushtaq, Executive Director Roots School System & Conference Director talked about the teaching ideas & skills of 21st century, global education and its vital role in developing respect for other citizens, cultures and communities of the world. She also highlighted the need of social and emotional connection with the students, building their self confidence and focused on mentoring and counseling.  At the closing ceremony Col (R) Mushtaque Rasul Chaudhry, CEO, was the chief guest. In his address he emphasised on inculcation of the qualities of honesty, integrity and credibility in the students. Mushtaque Rasul Chaudhry elaborated and suggested “Successful school improvement is an inclusive process that involves representatives from all stakeholders. These include students, parents or families, administrators and staff, and the school community at large. However, one particular group of professionals plays an invaluable role. This is our teachers, who lay the groundwork for a successful school improvement plan through effective teamwork. In the end he awarded shields and certificates to the participants.The conference concluded on a patriotic note and a call for change to bring best educational practices to Pakistan for the benefit of the whole nation.