Additional secretary Election Commission of Pakistan, (ECP) Afzal Khan has said that the process of scrutiny of candidate’s papers would continue even after elections.
Talking to media, he also stressed on the caretaker government to eschew making appointments of partial officials, concentrating instead on appointing neutral officials.
“The caretaker government should prone its neutrality and fairness in elections by making sure that not even the slightest of rigging in polls should be engineered” , he stressed, adding that full impartiality and neutral attitude should be observed during  any appointments , possible reshufflings of governmental officials.
He homed the point that the entire Nation would be observing the caretaker government’s functioning during the elections.
He assured that RCP had taken all necessary measures to ensure that all roads to any kind of riggings were totally blocked, while also carrying out stringent scrutiny of all candidates.
“ Anybody having any grievances, objections can refer to higher Courts for redresses “, he assured.
Meanwhile Afzal Khan has also ordered immediate reinstating Information Technology bureaucrat Dr. Zafar Qadir on his post, while also seeking the services of FBR’s (Federal Board of Revenue) Junaid Ikraam for scrutiny of financial assets of candidates.