LAHORE – Former chief minister Shahbaz Sharif on Saturday said that the steps taken by the PML-N government for protecting women’s rights were unprecedented in the history of the country.
Addressing a group of PML– N ticket aspirants from the party women wing and former women parliamentarians, Shahbaz recalled that his government in Punjab announced a comprehensive package for women , which included landmark initiatives not only for protecting the legal, social and constitutional rights but to involve the women in the national building as well.
The package earned appreciation at home and at the international level, he added. He said that one of the steps taken by his government was to help women get their inheritance right even without moving a single application as such her due share in the inherited property would immediately begin to devolve to her after the demise of her father or mother.
The former CM added that government holdings, including land and houses, that were transferred to the people made both the husband and wife equal owners, which is a historical step as no other government has done that in Pakistan.
While the PML– N government raised the women quota in all government organisations by 33 per cent, he said, his government gave programmes for the uplift of the women in society while those who speak of bringing change are on the record to have said that they wanted to abolish the women reserve seats in the parliament.
He said for his party, women have a big role for a brighter Pakistan. “And this is why today the PML-N enjoys more support among the women voters than any other party in Pakistan as evidenced by the fact that the PML-N received more applications for the women’s reserved seats than any other,” he concluded.