RAWALPINDI - Students of government schools from class 1 to 10 in Rawalpindi district could not get free textbooks for their next classes so far due to slackness of concerned authorities.Teachers, parents and students deplored concerned authorities for delay in distribution of free textbooks to students, and threatened that they would launch protest movement if textbooks were not provided to government schools before April 10.  The shortage of textbooks is perturbing the students and their parents alike, while the teachers have no option than to idly pass their time in the schools.  The Punjab Textbook Board (PTB) had made many changes in the books this year and the students would not even study from old books till the provision of new books to save their time. The change in the curriculum is said to be the reason behind the delay in the provision of textbooks. Teachers of government schools in Rawalpindi district said that the PTB had vowed to provide the books to all schools before the start of new academic year but failed to fulfil the promise. They said they were held responsible of bad results but no one cared about the problem of such a delay in the provision of textbooks. The students, parents and teachers demanded of caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Najam Sethi and the PTB high-ups to look into the matter and make sure early provision of textbooks in the govt schools by April 10.