LAHORE– President pakistan Muslim League-N Muhammad nawaz Sharif Saturday said only the PML-N could save the country at this critical juncture faced by the country due to corruption and bad governance of the PPP-led former government.
Speaking to a party delegation here, Sharif said loadshedding, unemployment, price hike, lawlessness and other problems the country was confronting with were due to weak policies of the former rulers in the federal government.
He said the whole nation was aware of the damage caused to the country over the last 12 years by the dictatorial rule and the succeeding rulers and now it was time to take stock of the situation and find out remedy.
He said the challenges confronted by pakistan were very serious, but PML-N had capability and a solid programme to tackle with them to steer the country out of the crisis and bring it at par with the developed states of the world. He asked the masses to support his party and vote it to power so that it could deliver for national development and betterment of the people.
He said party manifesto had been made public to the benefit of everyone who wanted to know what agenda his party had for nationa’s rebuilding.
Sharif said at this point of time when the nation was gearing up for polls, it was necessary to tell  people how serious challenges the country was up against and which party had the potential and capability to meet the same. He said the people must support and stand with the PML-N if they wanted to save pakistan .  The delegation included former MNA Muhammad Baleeghur Rahman, Qazi Adnan Farid, Qazi Burhan Farid, Uzra Gulfam, Haseeana Bibi, Fauzia Ayub Qureshi, Farida Khanum Perveen, Masood Bhatti, and others.