Terming the attitude of the Election Commission of Pakistan and the Returning Officers improper President Asif Ali Zardari has said that he has constitutional powers but he has abstained from using them so as not send any wrong impression.
President Zaradri stated this during his meeting with the Governor and interim chief minister of Sind as well as members of provincial cabinet in Karachi.
The institutions should not forget that I have constitutional powers, President Zardari said.
He also made it clear that timely and transparent elections is his top priority and that the interim government has little time and its top priority would also be elections.
The transfer of power would also be transparent, President Zardari said adding the maintaining law & order should be the top priority of the interim government during the elections.
The law enforcement agencies could be strengthened by being provided with as much resources as possible, he said. All resources should be utilized to improve the morale of the police and latest equipments should be provided to bomb disposal squad, he added.
The president also directed to enhance the police force and induction in the police department on merit.