Lahore -  In this tech frenzy majority youth, meet an aspiring young and promising entrepreneur Abdhullah Dodhy, running a very successful solar energy business. His dream of running business comes from catering to small orders of various leather and textile items mostly for some clients abroad. His enterprising skills and vision were soon seen and mentored by his father who himself is a successful business man. Realising his potential and innate entrepreneurial talents was given a go ahead and his solar energy solutions business starts taking its shape. The inspiration behind his whole venture remains realising potential of solar energy and help shape a world which is greener and more comfortable to live in.

This particular venture started from selling solar flood lights which were testified as far better and reliable than any exiting in the local market and by competition. Realising the potential of solar energy solutions, untiring hard work and heavy investments in research and development his company developed a solar air conditioning solution, which is far more efficient and effective, helping consumers save fortunes in terms of grid electricity payments.

Young Abdullah in his late teens is a testimony to the potential youth of this country, believes there is no lack of opportunities in this country for people who see a dream and share it with others and start creating new avenues of leading life around them. Abdullah Dodhy alongside doing business is a student of engineering and maintains a perfect balance between both.