LAKKI MARWAT - The administrators of religious seminaries have threatened to launch protest movement if the provincial government closes maktab primary schools in their institutions.

Talking to journalists on Sunday, Maulana Fazlur Rehman of Jamia Uloom, Maulana Amanullah of Jamia Chishtia Anwarul Quran and others said that four maktab primary schools had been set up in their seminaries a decade ago for the purpose to equip religious students with modern school education. They said that the seminaries management provided infrastructure (rooms and other basic facilities) for maktab schools while the education department posted teachers there to teach the students. They told that maktab primary schools played an important role in imparting primary level education to the students of religious seminaries.

“The teachers posted in theses schools were dedicated and they left no stone unturned to equip the students of religious seminaries with modern education,” they maintained.

They said that incumbent provincial government had directed the education department to close maktab primary schools situated in religious seminaries and adjust teachers posted there in other government primary schools.

“The directive if implemented will deprive students of religious seminaries of modern education,” they said. They asked the government to refrain from closing maktab primary schools of religious seminaries; otherwise the teachers and students would launch protest movement.