LAHORE/KARACHI  - Nawa-i-Waqt Group Editor-in-Chief Dr Majid Nizami has said that collaboration among the federal and provincial governments will lead to eradication of terrorism from the country. He has reiterated that Kashmir will be freed, even if by struggle.

He expressed these views during his interview to Pakistan Television’s programme PTV Guest on Sunday.

Talking about the Pakistan Resolution, Dr Nizami said that it was a great achievement that paved way for separate country for Muslims of the subcontinent. He said that he along with his companions took active part in the Pakistan Resolution and first premier of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan gave him Mujahid-e-Pakistan certificate that was a great asset for him.

Dr Majid Nizami said that Hameed Nizami was the founding leader of Muslim Students Federation. He also highlighted countless sacrifices made by Muslim students from across the country. He said that the youth were real founder of Pakistan who strengthened hands of Quaid-i-Azam.

He said that Pakistan could become an Islamic welfare democratic state only by following sayings of Allama Iqbal and Quaid. He advised students to organise themselves under the flag of Two-Nation Theory and shun such elements from their unions who oppose Pakistan’s ideology.

Lauding Pakistan as an atomic power, Dr Nizami said that atomic energy must be utilised for progress. He said that there should be no divide on racial or provincial grounds rather they should be united on all fronts.

Talking on role of media in the national progress, Dr Nizami said that a section of media had long been violating basic morality and misleading the masses. He rejected any trade with India at cost of Kashmir issue.

Talking about the Nazaria Pakistan Trust, he said that this institution was established by former Punjab chief Minister Ghulam Haider Wyne and he was elected as president. The trust, he said, has been imparting education to students of different schools and colleges and 6.3 million students were beneficiary of the awareness program. He said all the government supported its program. He said that the Aiwan-i-Quaid-i-Azam would rise as another institute that would disseminate ideological education to the new generation.

In his message to the nation, Dr Nizami said that working hard was key to success. He said that those leaders who did not work honestly in national interest must be held accountable.

In a separate interview to the monthly Click Magazine, Dr Majid Nizami said that Pakistan ideology is the second name of the Two-Nation Theory that created the great country of Muslim world.

“May God enhance the level of intellect of those scholars who are unable to comprehend this simple theory that guards the existence of the country. I personally believe that Pakistan can never vanish from the map of the world unless the Two-Nation Theory or the Pakistan ideology exists,” he said.

Talking about his career as an Editor, he said that he took this very difficult task after the death of his elder brother Hameed Nizami, who can be called the first martyr of martial law. However the country was also facing the great political turmoil at that time.

Responding to a query, he said that Nawa-i-Waqt Group has explicitly supported the Fatima Jinnah against the dictator General Ayub Khan in the presidential elections. He said that Fatima Jinnah bravely faced the military dictator, while the whole Pakistani nation supported her in the election but the establishment changed the decision of the nation in favour of the dictator.

He said that we never changed our newspapers’ righteous policy under pressure.

“We supported ZA Bhutto against General Ayub Khan, but when Bhutto came to power, we continued our righteous policy and took his government with severe criticism on account of his policies. I had cordial relationship with Zulfikar Ali Bhutto as Bhutto was my age-fellow. Bhutto had stopped giving advertisements to Nawa-i-Waqt but we did not care and continued with our policies. We never support any politician regardless of having strong relations. Even my strong relations with the father of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif could not distract the Nawa-i-Waqt’s policies.

He said that fifty to sixty years from today was a the golden age of journalism in Pakistan, at that time journalist never bent down in front of personal interests, he said and added that now the commercialism has overcome this profession in the country.

To a question, he said that we always talk about reunion of Muslim League because this party was that who created the country under the leadership of Qaid-e-Azam, while Nawa-i-Waqt started its journey following the directions of Jinnah. He said that he wanted all groups of the league to forget the shortcoming of the past and unite.       

Dr Nizami declared the free and fair policy of Nawa-i-Waqt publications as an achievement of his professional career and said that we always follow truth in our publications despite having paid the price.