Lahore  - The Smart School is the first-ever educational network in Pakistan that has adopted an electronic learning system, says Sajjad Haider, Project Director of The Smart School.

He said that The Smart School, a project of The City School, has about 250 branches across the country including remote rural areas. “We have our branches in all four provinces as well as in Kashmir,” and added that the project was initiated to cater to the needs of the students belonging to middle class families who could not afford the fees of elite schools. Furthermore, the management of The City School wanted a wide range of students to benefit from its 36 years’ experience. According to him, more than 20,000 students are currently enrolled in various classes across the country.

He said the vision of the management was to extend the network to far-flung areas in order to make quality education available to all segments of society. He added the system had adopted advanced techniques of learning and the uniformity of the curriculum meant that in all the schools the same lesson was taught on the same day.  Sajjad Haider said that teacher training at The Smart School was in three tiers. “First we train the franchise (management of the school), then the school head and, lastly, the teachers according to their subjects.

 The schools had adopted a mobile attendance system to inform parents about the attendance of their children. He also said that The School offers students a large number of merit scholarships and also an education insurance policy.

An important new initiative, he said, was the recent launch of Flexi Master, a programmer through which students were able to access and watch videos to supplement their understanding of the lessons taught in the classroom.