ISLAMABAD- Opposition leader in the National Assembly Syed Khurshid Shah has asked the government to take them into confidence over dialogue with the Taliban.

Speaking to journalists in the parliament house Khurshid Shah said the government has released 39 prisoners while the Taliban haven’t freed any civilian, adding that dialogue should be done on equal level. The opposition leader further stated that they would be happy if the government under the supervision of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif succeeded in establishing peace in the country. He, however, said that the dialogue should be on mutual basis. “If the government is releasing innocent prisoners then what is the status of our innocent civilians including Shahbaz Taseer, Ali Gilani and Dr Ajmal,” he asked.

He was of the opinion that Professor Ibrahim should also discuss the issue, adding that the committee should be given authority to resolve the issue. He also raised questions about the slow process of the peace talks, saying one paragraph is being discussed at four different places. Shah asked the government to inform them about the developments, as they know about progress through media. It seems that the government wanted to make the dialogue process unsuccessful and blame them in this regard, he added. The opposition leader said the government is sincere in peace talks with the Taliban. However, he doubted the honesty of the Taliban in peace talks. He also asked the government to take army into the confidence over the developments as forces are direct stakeholders in the issue. Commenting on the Pervez Musharraf issue, Khrushid Shah said the issue will be resolved like the incident of Raymond Davis, saying Nawaz Sharif will give favour to the former military ruler as he was given in 1999. He assured his party’s support to the government over the matter of Pervez Musharraf.