SIALKOT - Rain lashed out the entire Sialkot region as it started early in Sunday morning followed by hailstorm, inundating all the low-lying areas here.

However, standing crops on hundreds of acres of land have been badly damaged due to heavy hailing. The rain brought great difficulties for the growers whose standing wheat crops are ready to be harvested in the fields in Sialkot region, a hub of wheat.

Meanwhile, the people enjoyed themselves with the hailing and drizzling. It remained dark with the loud thunder of the clouds. Heavy rain also paralysed the normal life as knee-deep rainy and sewerage water was standing everywhere on the roads and streets.

In Sialkot, all the main city roads including Kutchery Road, Paris Road, Abbot Road, Jail Road, Railway Road, Mujahid Road, Commissioner Road, Allama Iqbal Chowk, Khadim Ali Road, Sialkot Airport Road, Sialkot-Saidpur Road, Hajipura Road and industrial and commercial areas were inundated with water.

All the choked sewerage and drainage lines overflowed due to the heavy rain. Meanwhile, Sialkot MET office has forecast more heavy rains in Sialkot region and in all the catchment areas and on the icy alps in neighbouring Occupied Jammu and Kashmir during the next couple of days.