TEHRAN - Agencies/Monitoring Desk - The Iranian legislators on Sunday approved general terms of a bill that would pave the way for Iran and Pakistan to enhance security cooperation.

During an open session on Sunday morning, the parliament passed the bill with 187 votes in favour, 14 votes against and 6 abstentions.

The bill on Pakistan-Iran Security pact had been adopted by the Iranian Council of Ministers and submitted to the parliament on March 31, 2013.

The bill contains a single article and 11 clauses in which the areas of cooperation, working methods, costs, the responsible ministries and other issues relating to the security pact are included.

In February 2013, Iran and Pakistan signed the security pact with the aim of boosting anti-terror cooperation.

The agreement, which was signed in Tehran between the Iranian Interior Minister and his Pakistani counterpart, was intended to take strict measures to combat terrorism, human and drug trafficking.

BBC Urdu adds: The pact was jointly approved by the Iranian Parliament.

After this pact, both the countries would be able to exchange lists of extremist groups operating in the region. As per the pact, both the countries will also extend cooperation with each other in pinpointing the extremists and criminal elements, going after them and taking appropriate action accordingly.

According to Iranian media, this cooperation between both the countries will be in line with international police and prevailing laws in both Pakistan and Iran.

Meanwhile as per Fars news agency, Commander of the Iranian Border Guard Units General Hossein Zolfaqari claimed on Sunday that the Pakistani security and military forces played no role in the freedom of the Iranian border guards who were abducted by Jeishul Adl terrorist group in February and released on Friday.

"Although some actions were taken by the Pakistani border guards to find their Iranian colleagues, the Pakistani intelligence, military and police forces played no role in releasing the hostages," Zolfaqari said on Sunday.

He said that the abductees were released due to the joint cooperation among the border guards, Sistan and Balouchestan province's General-Governor office and a number of regional tribal leaders.

Zolfaqari also dismissed Pakistani officials' claims that the kidnapped Iranian border guards were not kept in Pakistan, and said they were handed over to Iran from Pakistan.

The four Iranian border guards who had been handed over to the country's officials in neighboring Pakistan on Friday returned home on Sunday morning two months after their abduction.

"The four border guards entered Iran a few hours ago after crossing the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region," an informed source told FNA on Sunday.

The source pointed to the follow-ups and efforts of all concerned Iranian bodies and the pressures exerted on Jeish Al-Adl to release the abducted Iranian border guards, and said, "Consensus and cooperation of all the elderlies in the region rendered great help to this result."

On Saturday, Governor-General of the bordering Sistan and Balouchestan province in Southeastern Iran confirmed that the four Iranian border guards who were released on Friday were handed over to the country's officials in neighboring Pakistan and would soon return home.

Meantime, Ali Awsat Hashemi confirmed the death of one of the five border guards, Jamshid Danayee-Far, and said Iran is waiting for the transfer of his body.

The five Iranian border guards were abducted in Jakigour region of Iran’s Sistan and Balouchestan Province on February 6 and taken to Pakistan. One of them, Danayee-Far, was killed late last month.

After two months of abduction, the remaining four were released on Friday.

Jeish Al-Adl released the news of the freedom of the Iranian border guards on its website earlier on Friday.