KARACHI  - Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (JUP) Noorani faction President Dr Sahibzada Abu-al-Khair Muhammad Zubair has said that party would play a crucial role in steering the country out of crisis ,adding, that drive has been initiated to gather Ahle-Sunnat on a platform.

He expressed these views while addressing a reception gathering of the party office-bearers and workers on the success of "Ittehad Ahle-Sunnah Conference" in Karachi.

JUP central Secretary General Shabbir Abu Talib, Sindh chapter leader Allama Alsaeed, Aqeel Anjum Qadri, Allama Qazi Ahmed Noorani Siddiqui, Mufti Rafique-ur-Rehman Noorani, Mufti Bashir Qadri and others also spoke on the occasion.

JUP President Muhammad Zubair during his address said that the unity of Ummah is required to meet the challenges that the country was facing.

He said that a specific group had been ruling the country which was depriving the basic rights to the masses.

Despite the stability in the Pak rupees as compared with US dollar, govt has increased the electricity tariff while no noticeable decrease in petroleum rates has been witnessed yet, he said.

He said in past JUP had played a major role in national politics and vows to resolve the problems of the masses.

He further said that the Ittehad Ahle-Sunnah Confernce was a success to unite all factions of the JUP into a vibrant political force again.

He announced that JUP would gather all the Ahle-Sunnat on a platform by organising conference with the slogans of "Ittehad Ahle-Sunnat" with efforts to bring up the true leadership of the people.

Quaid-e-Millat Islamia Imam Alshah Ahmed Noorani during his address appreciated the efforts of the party workers for making the Karachi conference successful.

Mufti Rafique Ur Rehman Noorani stressed upon the need for providing the guidance to people so that they can recognise the conspiracies around them.

Mufti Bashir Qadri said that JUP workers would play their role as a front line squad for eliminating the terrorism and extortion mafia from Mini-Pakistan.

He further announced to hold "Ittehad Ahle-Sunnat Conferences" separately in 18 towns of the City.