LAHORE - MQM chief Altaf Hussain said that Punjab is always ruled by the establishment-supported political parties that obstruct his party’s goal of breaking the status quo.

Altaf made these remarks while addressing his party’s office-bearers at MQM Punjab House here on Sunday. He also welcomed the youth and students who joined the MQM recently in Punjab. He said that the anti-MQM propaganda by the forces of status quo ruling Punjab is now diminishing, as the people of the province are now realising the party’s messages. He that the exploitive forces always waged a propaganda campaign against the MQM in Punjab. They levelled baseless allegations of subversion and terrorism against the MQM to poison the minds of poor and middle class people of Punjab.

He said that the anti-MQM elements kept the party away from Punjab so they could keep their feudal system intact. “But now the people of Punjab especially youth are joining the MQM in large numbers after rejecting the propaganda campaign of the political parties ruling the province under the influence of the establishment.”  Altaf said, “A true ideology spreads gradually and slowly.

The MQM’s message is spreading in Punjab and people are coming under its banner despite the conspiracies, hurdles and negative propaganda of the status quo forces. The poor and middle class people have realised that outmoded system must be changed. The newly-developed political consciousness among the people in Punjab is a sign of success for the MQM.” 

He praised the MQM Punjab office-bearers’ efforts for spreading the message of change in the face of stiff resistance from the status quo forces. He directed them that they should not be discouraged by hurdles at any stage, as this was the test case for a political activist who believes in real change.  Altaf also asked the office-bearers that they should continue to spread the message with determination, as they would meet with success in the end. He advised the MQM Punjab chapter that it should bring talented people on the frontline if they want to end nepotism and favouritism.