NEW YORK-For more than a year, Microsoft has offered a free version of its popular software suite Office. The only problem is, it was difficult to find.

That’s now changed as the Redmond, Washington-based tech giant recently rebranded the free version of Office Online easily available through a website. reported. The software includes  Word, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Microsoft previously called its Office free version Office Web Apps. The big problem with that is it used to be only available through its cloud storage service known as OneDrive, which used to be called SkyDrive. One of the reasons Microsoft may have made the change is that some consumers were complaining they didn’t have a free version of Office that could compete with rival Google Docs.

And if you find that you’re running out of room on your hard drive to save all of your Office files, Microsoft allows Office Online viewers 7 gigabytes of storage space through OneDrive. Additional space is available for a fee. Microsoft has made other recent changes to Office. It launched a version of the software for Apple’s iPad. Microsoft also launched a cheaper version of its subscription-based version of the software known as Office 365 personal for $70. The cheapest version of Office before then was known as Office 365 for $100, though that could be loaded onto as many as five computers.