ISLAMABAD  - The Ministry of Railways has disposed of 10855.672 metric ton scrap in 2013-14 till date amounting Rs 452.889 million.

The present government has revised policy for the disposal of Pakistan Railways scrap and make it more transparent, an official in the Ministry of Railways told APP.

He said that the revised policy for the disposal of Pakistan Railways scrap has been implemented in October 2013.  The tenders are widely publicized through advertisement on newspapers and Railway website for disposal of the department’s scrap, the official added. He said that the scrap lots are made of identical nature of scrap items and maximum lot size is 2000 metric tons, adding that Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap items are not bulked.  

The bids are opened in the presence of three grade-19 officers committee and the successful bidder is to deposit 50 per cent payment at the time of signing the contract while remaining 50 per cent amount is paid within 30 days after signing the contract, he added.  The official said that delivery of scrap is not made after sunset and delivery of scrap is made in the presence of vigilance, accounts and police department’s representatives. 

The tenders for disposal of scrap are now being regularly floated and processed according to above revised policy.