ISLAMABAD- The Pakistan Railways has leased out three acres land for agriculture purpose and 0.23 acre for nursery in District Charsadda during the last five years.Pakistan Railway has total 136.18 acres in District Charsadda.  The leased land would be used for agriculture purpose for the period of five years while approved rate is Rs 12,000 per acre per annum and for nursery is Rs 122,388 per annum, he added.  He said that Charsadda Railway Station is operationally fit and may be opened for both passengers and freight traffic. However, due to shortage of locomotives and deteriorated track condition, initially passenger traffic was suspended in 1995 while freight traffic has been suspended since 2010.

The official said that once the track renewal be arranged and position of locomotives gets better, the operation of the both passenger and freight trains will be considered.