RAHIM YAR KHAN  - Rahim Yar Khan police claimed on Sunday to have arrested three terrorists of banned Baloch Republican Army (BRA) involved in bombings and blowing up of gas pipelines.

DPO Sohail Zafar Chatha, talking to media men at a press conference here, said police had arrested three terrorists who were involved in blowing up of gas pipelines. He said accused belonged to banned Baloch Republican Army.

DPO Sohail told the media that on a tip off police launched a raid and arrested three terrorists while two managed to escape. The DPO said that these terrorists belonged to terror network and an employee of Sui Gas was also involved with them. He said these terrorists had carried out blasts and destroyed gas pipelines at Rojhan, Rukan Pur and Ebaad Pur areas.

He said these terrorists, during interrogation, accepted that they had done these blasts and they belonged to banned Baloch Republican Army network. The DPO further told the median persons that their names were Ramzan, Maywa and Pehar and they were arrested on a tip off by secret agencies. The DPO said that police had recovered nine kilograms of explosive material, three pistols with bullets, three detonators, three electric circuits, pencil cells and remote-controlled devices from their possession.

Agencies add: During the investigation, police said it was revealed that they wanted to blow up the gas pipeline near Bhong and they had also blown up gas pipeline twice earlier.

The DPO said on seeing the police the accused started firing and tried to run away from the scene but arrested.

Police claimed that one of the accused was the mastermind of the Rahim Yar Khan gas pipeline explosions. The raid was jointly conducted by by Punjab police and sensitive agencies on Sunday.

The alleged attackers were claimed to be trained in neighbouring country.



Online adds: A 16-inch diameter gas transmission pipeline running from Pirkoh gas field well nos.15, 16 and 29 to the plant here was blown up on Sunday.

Media reports said that some miscreants blew up 16-inch diameter pipeline in Pir Koh, which completely cut off supply of gas from the wells to the plant in Dera Bugti.

Security forces and the officials concerned arrived at the scene of incident; however, the repair work of the damaged pipeline has not yet started.