LAHORE-Chairman IEP Lahore Centre Engineer Captain Syed Khalid Sajjad criticizing the vision 2025, has said that the govt did not enlist Kalabagh Dam in its long-term projects despite details of all other hydal power projects.

He said that KBD is the cheapest and easiest power project among all dams included in vision 2025. He said that it was high time for the government to put all political considerations aside for the sake of national interests and our future generations.

He said that Tharparker Tragedy is an eye-opener for not the Federal and the Provincial governments alone but for the whole nation as well because such drought-like situation could erupt in any part of the country in the face of fast depleting water resources and a ballooning population.

He said that the future generations would not forgive us on our failure to take immediate measures to overcome water challenge that was not only posing a grave threat to our food security but fast turning huge tacks of land into barren areas.”

While expressing grave concern over deaths in Tharparkar, the Khalid Sajjad called for long term planning to overcome water shortage.  Had a little attention towards building on new dams been given in the past, the situation today would have been quite different, he added.

We are throwing water worth billion of dollars into the sea instead of paving the way for construction of dams.  

The country’s food security is under threat due to fast depleting water resources but wav we are throwing water worth billions of dollars into the sea instead of paving the way for construction of dams is deplorable. All countries the world give preference to the national interest on politics but in Pakistan, the situation remained the other way round in the past. The dams would not only save the country from natural calamities but would also ensure our food security due to availability of water.

Now the situation has reached the point that neither cheap electricity is available nor ample water to irrigate huge arable lands. It all was a result of past rulers lethargic attitude towards issues on national importance. Khalid Sajjad said that Kalabagh Dam is the only project in Pakistan that can not only make power affordable for the masses, trade and industry but it would also help irrigate huge lands that are turning barren only because of an acute water shortage. It is also the only project that can make the economy competitive and sustainable.

The dam will wipe out loadshedding and increase industrial output while its contribution to value addition in agricultural output could go up to $10 billion a year.