LAHORE - Former president of Supreme Court Bar Association Asma Jahangir has termed the process of forming a judicial commission to probe electoral irregularities and alleged rigging a “pointless exercise”.

“The judicial commission cannot take the place of election tribunal,” she explained while talking to journalists at outside Lahore High Court Bar Association on Monday.

Asma said that only election tribunals could be approached to investigate electoral rigging. Referring to PML-N and PTI, she remarked where one party was trying to save its face from the issue of electoral rigging, while other was trying to escape out. “PTI should have demanded electoral reforms instead of holding sit-ins. Imran Khan remained unable to provide evidence of rigging to the tribunals. What proof will he submit before the judicial commission,” she questioned.

Furthermore, while suggesting that Pakistan Army should not join the Saudi attack on Yemen, Asma said the parliament had mandate to decide on sending troops abroad.

Asma added several dynastical regimes in the history are ruins now. “They could not be protected and nobody can even protect the Saudi dynasty,” she maintained. “Our politicians are worried only because they used to get shelter in Saudi Arabia and UAE whenever they were ousted,” she held.