LAHORE - A constitutional petition on Monday was filed in the Lahore High Court against General Election 2013 Inquiry Commission Ordinance 2015.

Lawyers Foundation for Justice filed the petition through Advocate AK Dogar submitting that PTI, through 4-month sit-ins forced the government to enter into some kind of agreement with it. The petitioner said that the ordinance was the result of that forced agreement.

He said therefore the issuance of the ordinance is not only in violation of Article 225 of the Constitution but also is result of use of force and show of force and amount to subverting and undermining the constitution o Pakistan by unconstitutional means.

He said in light of the Supreme Court judgments, the election matters only can be raised in election tribunals. He said the election commission is like an umpire in the field, its decision is always accepted by both teams.

He requested the court to strike down the ordinance for being ultra vires Article 225 of the Constitution.

Meanwhile, Watan Party Pakistan had also filed the petition in the Supreme Court of Pakistan against Judicial Commission which was promulgated on April 03 named as “General Elections 2013 Inquiry Commission 2015”.

The petitioner said that the Judicial Commission 2015 was illegal and unconstitutional. PTI was interested to snatch the government at all costs, he said. He further said that once the candidate had been declared elected by Election Commission and declared successful, his result could only be challenged through election petition and no outside inquiry could be held against regarding its disputes.