The murder of Zain, a student of class 9, by a boy who belongs to a politically affiliated family, in Lahore Cantonment, yards away from two check-posts is a test case for Chief Minister Punjab. Unfortunately this crime occurred in the cantonment area, which comes under military jurisdiction. Deliberate weak prosecution, by corrupt law enforcement investigators has helped Pakistan become a country, where lives and property is not safe. It is this nexus between crime and corrupt law enforcement that has helped Pakistan become a safe haven for terrorists. In spite of police presence, Mustafa Kanju managed to escape from the crime scene. Although weapon display is illegal, yet Kanju and his guards, not only displayed them but used them in a densely populated residential area, killing an innocent orphan. This country has witnessed gun totting spoiled brats of corrupt political elite. When the killers of Shahzeb and Hamza in Karachi escaped unharmed, why should anyone else be prosecuted?


Lahore, April 3.