A meeting people belonging to timber business disclosed that huge quantity of dry timber fallen by wind and snow worth millions of rupees has been lying openly in the forest areas, and feared that in case of flood, the woods might be swift away in the river causing financial loss to them and the government exchequer.

Royalty holders of Sheshikoh, Bumborat, Kalash valleys, Ashriat, Arando and Ursoon urged the provincial government for relaxation in the ban on transportation of timber. The public meeting was held under the chair of Major (retired) Ahmad Saeed Qazi.

The participants said that in case of extra cutting, the government should take action against forest staff concerned for marking and not monitoring the process. They said that the royalty holders get 60pc share but the remaining 40pc goes to government exchequer.

If these people were deprived of the “right”, they will stop supply of Oak forest of fire wood to the district, they threatened. They alleged that some elements were supporting the timber mafia, and demanded stern action against the mafia involved in smuggling of timber out of Chitral.

They also threatened to take to the streets if they were not allowed to transport the woods. The speakers included Sher Zameen, Haji Inzar Gul Sheshikoh, Sher Muhammad Nazim, Suhrab Khan Nazim, Qazi Hussain Ahmad Ashriat, Javed Akhtar Kalkatak, Sher Muhammad Nazim Arando, Saifullah Jan Kalash Rumbor Kalash valley, Haji Muhammad Shifa Drosh, Haji Sultan Muhammad and Haji Maghfirat Shah Amir in presence of a large number of other people from the forest areas.