KARACHI - A high-level meeting called by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to review the national team's performance in the World Cup ended in just 20 minutes.

PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan had convened a meeting of the PCB review 2015 group in Lahore last weekend to discuss the performance of the national team in World Cup and the reasons for its failure. "The committee which included Shaharyar, executive committee chairman Najam Sethi, COO Subhan Ahmed and two former Test stalwarts Wasim Bari and Iqbal Qasim met as scheduled but the meeting hardly lasted for 20 minutes," an inside source said.

"Apparently Bari in particular had brought some documents to give his views on the World Cup and the Pakistan team but he hardly got any time to say anything as the chairman ended the meeting after 15 to 20 minutes," the source added.

He said both the former Test players were told that there was no need for carrying out a fact finding into the World Cup and now they should simply submit some recommendations on how to bring about improvements in Pakistan cricket. "Even Bari and Qasim were surprised at the way the meeting was conducted as they were expecting a detailed discussion."

"They were told that since both reside in Karachi they should come up with the recommendations and when ready they should inform the PCB," the source stated. Interestingly, the meeting of the review group was held after the PCB had already announced a new selection committee and a new captain of the one-day team and squads for the forthcoming Bangladesh tour. Pakistan lost in the quarter final of the World Cup to Australia after having earlier also lost to India and West Indies in the group matches. Their wins came over Zimbabwe, UAE, South Africa and Ireland.