KARACHI - Rumpus, walkouts and exchange of harsh words marred the proceedings of Sindh Assembly on Monday.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) members staged walk out in protest against Rangers’ raid on party headquarters 90, after they were denied to raise the issue on a points of order.

The situation vitiated soon after recommencement of business, when MQM member M Hussain, on a point of order, sought permission to raise the issue of the raid on March 11.

Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani said that members cannot raise issue on a point order and advised him to bring adjournment motion or resolution in accordance with rules of business, upon which MQM lawmakers rose from their seats in protest. The Chair asked senior MQM leader Syed Sardar Ahmed to ask his colleagues to take their seats. Addressing the chair, Ahmed complained that those who were arrested from Nine Zero on March 11 raid were denied to meet families and said the husband of provincial legislators was among the arrested. Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani observed that since it is a court matter it would be better to approach the courts.

At this point all members of MQM stood up again in protest and staged token a walkout.

The situation again turned ugly after the question-hour when Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza gave ruling that no official notification was issued regarding resignation of PTI members so they (PTI members) are still members of Sindh Assembly.

Her ruling came in the wake of points of order raised by MQM member M Hussain. Four PTI members Samar Ali Khan, Khurram Shazaman, Hafeezuddin and Dr Seema Zia arrived at the Sindh Assembly on Monday to attend the session after the long march.

Couple of months back Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani had informed the house that the resignation of four PTI member have been accepted. However, MQM member M Hussain reminded Deputy Speaker that Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani had informed the house about acceptance of PTI resignations.

Both remained adamant on their stance referring to rules of business and the proceedings was stalled for some time. During this tense situation, the house witnessed exchange of hot wards between Hussain and Deputy Speaker.

“Give your lectures in office, assembly will be run as per rules,” the enraged Shehla Raza told the MPA.

She further asked Hussain not to create hurdles in the assembly proceedings with his `manly voice`. In the meantime PPP women MPAs also stood from their seats in Shehla Raza`s support and chanted slogans against the opposition.

As situation turned chaotic, Deputy Speaker adjourned session for ten minutes and left the floor.

When the house was resumed with Agha Siraj Durrani in the chair, opposition parties MQM, PML-F and PML-N members led by opposition leader Sheharyar Mehar gathered before the rostrum and demanded the chair to take up their call attention notices.

They waved the green book of rules of business and demanded the chair to run the house according it.  The enraged members shredded the book and threw it on the rostrum and left the house in protest when speaker refused to listen.

Speaker termed the act of opposition as a disgrace to the assembly.

Sindh Finance Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, on a point of order, informed the house that Sindh government has refused to assent the new energy policy of the federal government until and unless the issues of oil and gas pertaining to Sindh are resolved and provinces were given rights under Article 158.

He said it would better if opposition parties were presented in the house on such important occasion.

Shah further informed that the Ministry of Petroleum has convened a meeting on April 7 in Islamabad to discuss the issues of oil and gas which were raised by the Sindh government during the IPC meeting. "The meeting should have been convened by the IPCC Division which is competent to discuss such decisions," the minister said.  He said that the Sindh government would not assent to the new energy policy envisaged by the federal government now. "We want that issues pertaining to oil and gas must be addressed first before we convey provincial assent for the power generation policy 2015," he added.  

After oppositions walk out, the house passed the Government Bill No.07 of 2015-The Sindh Commission on the status of Women Bill, 15, sans, opposition MQM, PML-F and PML-F.

However, the two PTI members Dr Seema Zia and Kuhrram Sher Zaman, who were present in the house, remained abstained.

Sindh Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Sikandar laid three ordinances before the house. The ordinance included Sindh Ordinance No. I of 2015- The Sindh Information of Temporary Residents Ordinance, 2015, Sindh Ordinance No. II of 2015-The Sindh Security of Vulnerable Establishments Ordinance, 2015 and Sindh Ordinance No. III of 2015- The Sindh Sound System (Regulation) Ordinance, 2015.   The Minister introduced Government Bill No. 10 of 2015-The Sindh Coastal Development Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2015 and The Sindh Finance (Amendment) Bill, 2015 in the house.  

Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani announced that Sindh Governor has given assent to six bills which included-The Sindh Local Government (Amendment) Bill, 2015, The Sindh Insurance of Public Properties Bill, 2015, The Sindh Institute of Management and Technology Bill, 2015, The Sindh Arms (Amendment) Bill, 2015, The Sindh Differently able persons (Employment, Rehabilitation and Welfare) Bill, 2015 and The Sindh Consumer Protection Bill, 2014.

However, the house deferred four Governors messages for reconsideration of Government Bills which included- The Sindh Physiotherapy Council Bill, 2014, The Sindh Pharmacy Council Bill, 2014, The Sindh Nursing Council Bill, 2014.

The house, through a resolution, paid rich tributes to Shaheed ZA Bhutto on his 36 martyred Day anniversary for making Pakistan an atomic power.

PPP members tabled the resolution which war carried unanimously. The house was adjourned till Tuesday morning after completion of agenda.