S:     I’ve seriously had enough of this nauseating welcoming remarks for PTI’s return to the parliament. Has everyone forgotten what this party has been up to following the 2013 elections? Thank you, PTI, for coming back, after conspiring with anti-democratic forces and trying your best to derail the system. We’re sorry that you were unable to oust an elected prime minister despite resorting to violence against almost everyone. Good that they were shamed during the session today. They don’t deserve better.

A:     But, isn’t this exactly what you wanted all along? For the PTI to return to the parliament? And now that it has, you’re still raging against it. Make up your mind, Sadiq. Do you want them on the streets or the parliament? I think that you should be happy. As Khursheed Shah said, it is a victory for democracy. They’ve come back, and that’s good, because that is where they belong.

S:     I’m all for reconciliation and second chances. But there has to be some sort of accountability. No party, which does what the PTI did, should be able to come back so easily. And what do you think? They’re back because they have rediscovered their love for democracy? Because now they care? No! They have returned because they didn’t have any other choice. I for one am never keen on congratulating people who act selfishly and out of desperation.

A:     You’re being too harsh. This is how democracy works. One has to compromise. You have to be a bit more patient with our political parties. Aren’t you usually the one reminding that Pakistan’s democratic culture still needs to evolve? I’m sure the PTI learnt a lot from all this. Now don’t ostracize them. Be patient, and let’s see where they go from here.