ISLAMABAD  - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has said he stands by his words of calling the Parliament fake, clarifying his party’s members have returned to the assemblies after the creation of an empowered judicial commission.

While talking to media persons after the joint session of the Parliament over Yemen crisis, Imran said all the parties, including PML-N), PPP, JUI-F and ANP, had also claimed that the elections had been rigged.  Imran Khan ‘thanked’ the people in Parliament for how they welcomed the PTI members, especially ‘thanking’ those who made noises, asking them whether the alleged rigging should not be investigated.

“PTI wanted complete investigation into the matter of alleged rigging that’s why the party members left their seats in the Parliament. Had they opened even four constituencies last year, we would not have been on the streets,” he added.

Talking about the Karachi situation, Imran observed: “Until you initiate investigation against crimes, you cannot curb them.”

Imran sought action against political culprits so that everyone could get justice.

The PTI chief said he had no hope from the Parliament. “We demanded scrutiny of four constituencies, but our demand was overlooked, so I am hopeless from the Parliament,” he added.

He said Pakistan could be in danger as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had personal contacts with, and business interests in, Saudi Arabia and was pushing the country into a dangerous war.

“There should be ethics in the Parliament. The government first constitutes judicial commission after much delay, asks us to come to the Parliament and then subjects PTI to castigation,” he lamented.

“I have no hope from this parliament, but have come here because I do not want people to say that despite formation of judicial commission, PTI did not play its role in such a dire situation,” he added. “I am afraid that Nawaz Sharif’s personal business and relations would overshadow Pakistan’s interests in Yemen conflict,” he said.

“The language used by Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif was witnessed by everyone. Nawaz Sharif was sitting beside his minister. Didn’t he know what the minister was saying” he said.

Imran repeated his allegation that the MQM chief was a killer and he got PTI leader Zahra Shahid killed. “MQM is now spreading terror in the assembly,” he said.

He hailed Aitzaz Ahsan for his speech in the house. He demanded Nawaz Sharif speak truth to the nation on Yemen situation. He said the entire nation would stand by Saudi Arabia if Makkah and Madina were endangered.

“How could we play a mediator’s role if we take part in the war?” said Khan. He warned Yemen war could turn into Shia-Sunni conflict if the situation was not handled properly.

Imran said Pakistan was already fighting a foreign war, so it cannot afford another war.

Khan said every party had said the general elections of 2013 were rigged. “Aitzaz Ahsan even gave us a white paper on rigging. “How can this assembly be legal after rigging charges by parliamentarians?” He added PTI had proofs of rigging which would be given to the commission. Imran and his lawmakers returned to the Parliament after seven months to attend Monday’s joint session on the Yemen crisis.