KARACHI  - The representatives of highway stakeholders expressed concern over the construction of M-9 project, that create problems to the traders, petrol pumps, CNG stations, hotels, and other facilities that are established flanking the Karachi-Hyderabad Super Highway to facilitate the consumers.

In a press conference held at the Super Highway Dumba Goth, on Monday, stakeholders expressed concern over the up forthcoming project.

The stakeholders including Shabbir Sulemanjee, Chairman All Pakistan CNG Association Sindh said that M-9 stands not practical because it will not only cause revenue loss but it will also reduce the employment due to the closer of businesses because of fencing on both sides.

He said that there are more than 120 petrol pumps and CNG stations operating on Main Super Highway with an estimated total investment of more than Rs 12 billion.

The existing petrol pumps contribute around Rs 6 billion per annum in terms of collection of Sales Tax by the Oil Marketing Companies payable to the national exchequer. There are hundreds of restaurants and other commercial business that would also be hampered and jeopardised due to the fencing on both sides of the road and further many of these businesses including petrol pumps, CNG stations, commercial outlets,  hotels, and residences falls under the row and they will be demolished  due to the construction of Motorway Karachi to Hyderabad Project because NHA claims the row to be 220 feet on the left side of the road and 440 feet on the right side of the road.

Fayaz Palari leader of the Palari community and other stakeholders including Tarik Hasan, Shabbar Malik and Amir Khan said M-9 would not open the economic corridors, rather would jeopardise the existing business operation on Super Highway.

They said that fencing both the sides would isolate these businesses from Motorway thus causing huge losses to the investors who have recently under the commercialisation Act and policy announced by the Sindh Government have paid challans top the tune of billions for conversion of their land into commercial for 99 years lease.

The stakeholders in the press conference demanded that a Fence Free Expressway is an alternate solution to the problems and concerns of all stakeholders.

They strongly appealed the Government of Pakistan to please sit with the stakeholders to find a reasonable solution that is more appropriate in a manner to safeguard the interest of the thousands of people associated directly or indirectly with Super Highway.