Like many other humble students of law and political science, I often think that the law is a fiction and has no place in our lawless and justice less Pakistani society where a vast majority of the population is illiterate and those who literate they suffer from the ignorance of law.

It is a painful reality that the relevant stakeholders, educational institutions, media and NGOs are doing nothing to demystify the law for citizens, among others. Working with the various stakeholders can help engender public trust in the judiciary and promote better understanding among judges of the realities in the community.

Like previous year, this year too, on Intentional Women’s Day today (March 8), I have received an invitation to participate in one discourse under the aegis of one local varsity, I hope everybody has to flog a dead horse but none has to come with the production and dissemination of simplified guides to laws in Pakistani languages.

Women NGOs and feminists loudly speak about women social welfare, gender and children’s affairs but hesitate to produce Women’s Rights guides to the “gender bills”- the Registration of Customary Marriage and Divorce Act, the Domestic Violence laws, etc.

Time has come to launch a lego- literacy project/programme to educate our society, in general, and women in particular about their rights and obligations and to encourage them to assert their rights. The aim of the project is to present the law in a simple manner in basic terms (Wills, Succession, Marriage, and Domestic Violence, etc. )

Pertinent bodies can interact with tribal chiefs in the community on sensitizing the community on equality and gender justice issues. Time has come for action because already there exists a lot legislation on the women related issues but no implementation.


Islamabad, March 7.