Kindly allow me to share with your learned readers a very apt and logical response given by Lt Gen Khalid Naeem Lodhi (Retd) ex- Defence Secretary, who was asked the other day to comment upon the oft sermonized and obliquely hinted harangue of the political rulers that everyone should remain confined to his own domain and just do the task allocated to him under the constitution.

The General very correctly and eloquently symbolized the State with a carriage pulled by four horses, and said that if only one horse was exerting itself fully in pulling the cart while another was applying itself half heartedly and the remaining two were just enjoying the fodder, then the stronger horse had a sort of justification to ask the other horses to do their bit also or else the carriage would stop moving some day.

Well done, Sir. Let’s all keep moving Pakistan in the right direction and on the road to progress.


Rawalpindi, March 8.