While we celebrate 78th anniversary of Lahore Resolution, with grandeur and fervor, look at the manner we have allowed this country to be robbed by few. The irony is that while all this was happening, everybody who mattered or was employed to prevent such irregularities was party to this heist. They all washed their hands in Neptune’s Ocean of corruption that flowed in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Today every irregularity and violation of laws has been regularized in this country on Doctrine of Laws of Necessity and Fait Accompli. 

Never before in history of subcontinent, excluding Colonial Raj, have so few in numbers plundered and looted defiantly national exchequer and assets of 200 million residents of a country and also the present and future generations of their hopes and dreams. It started with added vigor and fervor ever-since so called economic reforms of 1992. Every government, political party in power, and paid civil or uniformed bureaucracy who has held office in this period is party to this ongoing daylight robbery. 

A State so helpless to secure assets and future of its citizens is a state destined to collapse, unless it stands up to these bullies. Pakistan was not created by Quaid e Azam and pioneers of our freedom struggle to rid it of white colonialists only to be replaced with native brown colored, for whom Pakistan is fit only to rule, govern and rob, but not worthy for their children to live, nor their assets to be located. Drive down Dubai’s main roads and exclusive gated housing societies and see multi-storied buildings, luxury penthouses and villas owned by citizens of this country whose tax returns in Pakistan would qualify them to receive charity. 

An FBR exists with a paid administrative paraphernalia, and their housing societies and fleet of expensive limousines etc but the only thing it does not accomplish is collecting taxes directly from every citizen earning above a declared common threshold. Today we are neither the Democratic Welfare State that MAJ envisioned, nor Security State that Ayub, Zia or Musharraf wanted it to be, but a country insecure from within, both in terms of physical and economic security. Almighty Allah help us. 


Lahore, March 21.