ISLAMABAD-For the last few years, European Union, Pakistan have been celebrating Europe Day also known as “Euro Village” in Islamabad as a fun-packed festivity. Games, music, and food from different European Union member states provide an opportunity to the denizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi to peak into the European nations’ culture and get some information on the country of their interest.

This time around, the venue was PNCA like that of last year, but the arrangements were much worse. The opening hours were 4 pm and the place was all dusty and overcrowded within an hour of the opening. The management should have kept it a family-only event to avoid stag crowd which did not sync well with the theme of the event. The invitees were more than capacity of the small PNCA lawn, and it was absolutely impossible to move freely in the garden and enjoy the event.

A magic show by a Swedish magician and a performance by Polish DJ clubbed with a Pakistani singer Meesha Shafi were the highlights of this year’s EuroVillage. What was the reason to invite Meesha Shafi to a Europe Day event raised a big question mark.

Kiosks from various EU member states showcased food and geographic information as well as games and general knowledge questionnaire for the visitors to engage and win small prizes.

“We have been busy since yesterday. Seven hundred plus Danish delicacies have been prepared in my kitchen, and we have even tried to infuse it with spices to match with the Pakistani taste”, said Danish ambassador to Pakistan Rolf Holmboe while offering chicken and beef meatballs, liver patty and marinated beetroot.

It was delicious. Italian stall attracted many visitors as Deputy Ambassador of Italy Guido Bilancini along with his team members was dishing out hot lasagna to the guests. Guests in attendance were eager to have a bite of the beef lasagna cooked with real Italian sauces and herbs. “The Lasagna which we eat in the restaurants is nothing close to what I have just tasted”, commented a foodie guest.

The Hungarian stall had pegged a small table across its stall, and the ambassador was inviting guests to try out a new Hungarian game called Tech Ball. The table was miniature of a table-tennis whereas a small size football had replaced the ping pong ball which is used to play table tennis.

Romanian stall had prepared sweet-savory items in the likes of biscuits, and traditional cupcakes whereas Polish kiosk was offering sausages. The Swedes were busy quizzing the guests on interesting questions and offering homemade meatballs as a trophy.

In a nutshell, if the organizers will do a reassessment of 2019 event, definitely 2020 Europe Day will be a much-awaited affair if not be prepared for another chaotic EuroVillage rendezvous.