Our politicians tend to favor democracy when they are out of power when in power they forget all of its norms. The ruling party does not take along the opposition in decision-making, their pledges to do so notwithstanding.

The first ever-elected prime minister of Pakistan removed from office through a conspiracy rather than a no-confidence motion. Similarly, the successive government that captured power through unconstitutional means was overthrown. Another caveat in our crippled democracy is that politicians belonging to all parties change their stance when they feel necessary and convenient.

For example, the federal government kept delaying the appointment of the chair of PAC in the national assembly, as it wanted to appoint someone from their own party. However, the opposition stood fast for the appointment of the leader of the opposition as the chair. The PPP stalwart Khurshid Shah in his statement said that the chair PAC had to be from the opposition. Finally, the government had to give in and appoint Shahbaz Sharif as chair of the PAC.

Strangely, though, Mr. Shah conveniently forgot these principles as PPP moved to appoint MP from government party as head of PAC in the Sindh Assembly.

The fact of the matter is politicians have long deceived people of Pakistan in the name of democracy, where only benefactors of the system seem to be ruling class while ordinary citizens suffer perpetually.


Islamabad, March 16.