ISLAMABAD-FAST University on Saturday declared its café as plastic free area to avert hazardous effects of under-quality plastic products at Islamabad campus.

It was announced by Supporters of Ethics and Sustainability (SOESA) founder Assistant Professor Usman Chaudhary here at a seminar held at Islamabad Campus which was chaired by Adviser to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Ameen Aslam.

The seminar “Say No to Plastic Pollution” was organized by SOESA to create awareness regarding the harmful effects of plastic products. The PM adviser was the chief guest on this occasion.

While addressing on this occasion, Malik Ameen Aslam revealed a five-step government plan to counter plastic pollution. He said that government had decided to start work from home and in first step, the ministry of climate change had been declared a plastic-free ministry while other government offices including the PM House will also be following the same.

He said that same sort of ban will be imposed later countrywide. While elaborating the fourth step, he said that the government had decided to develop a framework for a new law of Extended Product Responsibility (EPR) for recycling to bind the manufacturers/producers for collecting their used plastic materials including bottles and bags for recycling.

Non-compliance of this framework would be considered as a criminal offence, he said. Showing severe concerns on growing electronic waste (e-waste), the PM’s adviser said that the government was planning to join international law in this regard and electronic manufacturers would be responsible for collecting their respective e-waste around the country.

In case of international companies which do not have physical presence in Pakistan but their products are being used here, these will be asked to hire third parties to collect their waste, Aslam said.

SOEAS founder Professor Usman Chaudhry announced that cafeteria at FAST-NU Islamabad will be the first ever plastic free university café. He said that other institutions will hopefully follow the lead and we as a nation will surely succeed in averting plastic pollution. He shared SOEAS achievements with the audience and guests and appreciated the efforts of students in connection with clean & green environment.