LAHORE - Major Opposition parties, the PML-N and the PPP, insistently say day in and day out that the PTI government has failed to steer the country out of the multiple problems facing the country.

The State Bank of Pakistan’s latest report about the economic situation and the magnitude of loans is simply mind-boggling.

On the other hand, the PTI leaders hold the past governments of the PML-N and PPP responsible for the difficulties being faced by 220 million people of the Islamic republic.

Such allegations and counter-allegations are projected by the media every day, without any practical steps being taken by the elected representatives to improve the situation.

The parliament of Pakistan comprises 342 members of the National Assembly and 104 members of the Senate. (The provinces have their own legislatures).

The elected representatives are supposed to address the problems facing the country and formulate appropriate policies and strategies to solve them.

But the fact is that they have not come up to the expectations of their electors.

For the common mortal treasury as well as the Opposition parties are responsible for their miseries. Had they discharged their duties honestly, the situation would not have been as it is today.

If the exports are not picking up or the imports are not coming down, if the dollar has gone out of the government’s control, the elected representatives of both sides of aisle are responsible, nobody else.

For an ordinary being what matters most is the per capita happiness, which unfortunately for successive governments is not the consideration.

The on-ground situation is that problems are multiplying with the passage of time and the incumbent administration, the former PML-N and PPP governments have failed to take steps required to bring smile on the common man’s face.

What is more painful is the fact that the legislators’ mere stress is on statements against their rivals. The opposition finds faults with the government’s policies and the government easily shifts burden on its predecessors. If the practice goes on unchecked, the decline of the Islamic republic will become unstoppable.

If the Islamic world’s only nuclear power has to improve its image at the international level, the elected representatives would have to use all energies for the uplift of the country.

Many say that if our leaders were really serious in solving economic problems of the country, both houses of parliament should have remained in session till they had devised a course of action for the future. They should have risen above their partisan approaches and suggested remedial measures needed to rein in the crisis.

Each side’s approach to celebrate the alleged failures of the other would lead the country nowhere.

But the problem is that the legislators belong to a different class – having nothing to do with common man’s problems.

It can be said without fear of contradiction that our leaders have no contact with the masses. They live in their own world. They don’t visit markets and thus don’t know the state of prices, the bills people have to pay, health problems, how expensive is the education and how a person makes ends meet.

The elected representatives become chairmen of various committees even after being accused of involvement in murder cases. They get production orders issued even when in jail. They have the access to home-made foods even when behind the bars. Choice treatment facilities are made available to them.

This is the system we have after some seven decades of independence.

As already stated in these columns, the country cannot afford more protests. Neither the Opposition parties should be thinking of launching a movement to topple the government nor should the prime minister offer containers to his opponents to facilitate their protests. This is the recipe for collective suicide.

The PML-N and the PPP governments had completed their mandated five-year tenures and now the PTI has the right to complete its term. Any move to dislodge the government would only destabilise the country.