MIRPURKHAS - Sindhian Tehreek President Zeenat Sammoon, Hazaar Naz Kunrani and others have alleged that some Sindh government’s personalities were behind the murder of Bibi Marri, and therefore the police are protecting them.

They lamented that the killers of Bibi Marri, Zeenat Mallah and others, were beyond police reach and they had no fear of arrest. They added that the number of the murderers of women was increasing with each passing day in Sindh; but unfortunately the authorities were least bothered to do anything in this regard. They said that the silence of women elected on seats of MPA and MNA was also questionable.

They made these remarks during an address to a press conference at Digri Press Club here on Saturday. They demanded that the murderers of Bibi Marri should be exposed before media. They blamed that Hindu community people were hopeless and disappointed due to the act of forced conversion of underage Hindu girls after their abduction.

They lamented that such kind of acts were illegal and government should take stern action against those involved in it and also ensure implementation of related laws to prevent such kind of illegal offence.

They demanded the higher authorities to ensure arrest of the murderers of Bibi Marri and punish them as per the law.