The number of people becoming collateral damage as a result of crossfire between the police and criminals in Karachi is increasing by the day. The latest victim is a 10 years old boy who was killed on Friday in Karachi’s Quaidabad area. This is not the first time a child has lost his life due to this crossfire but the provincial government has not been able to manage the situation. This shows a lack of training and sensitization on part of the police force that engages in the use of weapons within public is done with such nonchalance that the life of citizens is not considered.

There is a clear disregard for the police force within the community and it has developed over time due to the excessive criminal activities in Karachi and the inability of the force to deal with them. In order to bridge this trust deficit, the provincial government needs to invest in the training of the police force. This loss of lives is utterly unacceptable. The police force needs training regarding their investigative methods along with a revision of the protocol to use weapons in public spaces.

At the same time, there should be a rigorous implementation of the facility to treat the injured. A young girl lost her life because a hospital refused her treatment in Karachi after she was shot. These measures will help improve the security situation and the ability of law enforcement agencies to deal with post-encounter situations more effectively. A thorough record of police performance should also be maintained which can track details of police encounters to ensure that proper protocol is being followed and anyone who acts otherwise is brought under the ambit of law to ensure no loss of innocent lives in the process.