KARACHI              -                 Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Monday said that the spread of the coronavirus could have been stopped by means of a national lockdown, but the government acted late.

Speaking to a private news channel, Sindh CM said that the world had observed and the findings were now conclusive that the virus had spread through social interaction and social distancing was the best way to combat the conundrum. The CM also said that the federal government did not agree with the lockdown strategy otherwise the lockdown might’ve been imposed sooner rather than later.

Murad further said that the Sindh government would’ve locked down the province on March 13, had it not been for the federal government.

He added that if the federal government had paid heed to his call, then local contraction of coronavirus would not have been as big a deal as it had become now.

The CM also revealed that the ongoing lockdown in Sindh will be relaxed slowly and steadily with a hand on the pulse of how the virus behaves in the coming days and how many more get affected by it.

Murad disclosed that approximately 5,000 people from a religious organisation were tested for Covid-19, of whom a few were tested positive.

The chief minister also claimed that the pilgrims who made their way into Sindh from Iran by land were quarantined, but most of the coronavirus carriers, who entered the province in droves by air, were left unchecked.