Tiger force

Pakistan’s performance in this global health emergency is relatively good. PM Khan has a good state of mind, as he hopes for the best but prepares for the worst. The country is bearing partial lockdown and the government is considering steps if the situation gets worse and we need a complete lockdown. For that, PM Khan announced a volunteers’ force; coronavirus tiger force in order to reach the poor at the grass-root level. It discloses a secret that we have no access at the grass-root level

Although public representatives told the media that they have complete data of less privileged people of their constituencies and they are supporting them but in reality, they visit their constituency for canvassing and they are inaccessible to the ordinary man.

According to the Constitution, the establishment of local bodies to uplift the poor and less privileged people should be a state policy. The government has to hold local bodies election and set strong local bodies because we cannot rely on tiger force and other volunteers for the long term.



Neglecting Balochistan

Covid19 is spreading rapidly in all over Pakistan and its provinces like Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, KP, and GB. In this critical situation, China, which recently fought against this virus and achieved success is now helping Pakistan by sending ventilators, N-95 masks, surgical masks and so on.

All provinces are being given such facilities except Balochistan in which nearly 158 patients are suffering from this virus. This is Balochistan which is made the center of those people who are coming from Taftan Border. However, Balochistan’s people are being deliberately deprived of such funds.

It is my humble request to concerned authorities to have a look at Balochistan.



Economic crisis

Every time Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has addressed the public and media about coronavirus, he’s made it very clear that he doesn’t really believe in strict lockdown or in a countrywide lockdown for a longer period of time.

But according to a new poll of leading economists from the University of Chicago’s Booth School, there is little support among experts for the idea that officials must choose between saving lives through continued social distancing and saving the economy by ending the practice.

Instead, the overwhelming majority of the economists they surveyed warn that “abandoning severe lockdowns at a time when the likelihood of a resurgence in infections remains high will lead to greater total economic damage” than keeping the lockdowns in place and riding things out.

Of course, that the Chicago poll says this doesn’t make it true. But it’s worth underscoring that there is no evidence of a disjuncture in views between what public health experts think and what economic policy experts think.

There is broad agreement among economists that there is no economic gain to be had by opening up businesses if that allows the virus to overwhelm health care system capacity in the way we’ve already seen in Wuhan, Lombardy, Madrid, and now New York. The only real question is whether we have an adequate handle on exactly where the line is between extreme social distancing and allowing the business to continue as normal.