MIRPURKHAS                     -             District President Sindh Abadgar Itihad Saifullah Gill has congratulated Prime Minister Imran Khan on making the sugar crisis inquiry report public and demanded him to force the sugar mills’ owners to pay rights of the abadgars. Talking to media persons here on Monday, he said that during the last five years, mills’ owners had purchased cane at less rate than that of the official rate from the sugarcane growers as a result of which the latter had to suffer big losses, and they were compelled to go to courts for getting their rights.

He said that quality premium was also not given to the growers by sugar mills for the last some years.

Gill blamed that sugar mill mafia had managed to get subsidy from the government and also relief in tax payment, but still they continued to exploit the growers and deprive them off their rights as a result growers were forced to cultivate sugarcane crop over less area.

 of land, and as such sugar production in the country had reduced.