Islamabad/KARACHI - Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP)-led coalition government has inflicted a severe blow on the unity of deposed judges and lawyers' movement by convincing eight sacked judges of Sindh High Court (SHC) to reassume chargeof their offices after taking fresh oaths. As a result of hectic efforts by Federal Law Minister Farook H Naek for several weeks, President Pervez Musharraf Wednesday gave the formal approval of re-appointment of these judges when the leaders of ruling coalition were busy in deliberating upon methodology to oust the latter from Presidency under media spotlight. Earlier, Acting Chief Justice Sindh High Court, Justice Aziz Ullah Memon moved a recommendation of these appointments with the seniority adjustments to Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar. From the office of Chief Justice of Pakistan, the summary of these appointments was sent to presidency through Law Ministry. All this was happening when the leaders of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and PML-N were about to hold 'crucial' talks at Zardari House to sort out their differences on impeaching Musharraf and restoring sacked judges. Meanwhile, it has been learnt that two of the reappointed judges of Sindh High Court belong to the chambers of two top supporters of lawyers' movement. Among these, Justice Faisal Arab belongs to the chamber of Justice Fakhr-ud-Din G Ibrahim while one of his brother judges set to retake the oath belongs to the chamber of former Chief Justice Saeed-uz-Zaman Siddiqi. Both these judges have reportedly consulted their seniors before giving consent to Farook H Naek, the architect of fresh oaths under the third schedule. This is a massive blow to the historic unity of lawyers' movement lately overshadowed by political face of Aitzaz Ahsan who had taken deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to Zardari House against the will of many leaders of lawyers community. Government sources have also informed The Nation that the re-appointed judges will be given seniority in view of their previous services that were terminated on November 3, 2007 when President Musharraf had suspended the Constitution and imposed emergency. Through the same courtesy, Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali will be sworn in as the Chief Justice of Sindh High Court. Justice Jamali was the senior most judge of SHC on November 3 after the then Chief Justice Sabih-Ud-Din Ahmed. After taking oath from Governor Sindh, Dr Ishrat-Ul-Ibad, Justice Jamali will administer the oath of office other seven reappointed judges. "There are many precedents in our judicial history that seniority of judges was readjusted when they rejoined after a break for any reason", the official source said. Cases of seniority adjustment of Justice Nazim Hussain Siddiqi, who later became Chief Justice of Pakistan, and Justice Muhammad Nawaz Abbasi, who has recently retired were quoted as precedence. The seniority of Justice Nazim Siddiqi was readjusted after he came back to the office as an apex court judge during the second tenure of Nawaz Sharrif as Prime Minister. Similarly, Justice Muhammad Nawaz Abbasi was removed from Lahore High Court as ad Hoc judge after Benazir Bhutto government refused to confirm him. But Justice Abbasi got the seniority for his first stint when he was again sworn in as LHC judge in later years. In a late night development reliable sources confirmed to The Nation that the Law ministry is all set to notify these appointments today (Thursday). Meanwhile, deposed Chief Justice of Sindh High Court, Justice Sabihuddin Ahmed has not resigned from his post and it is a conspiracy of the government to spread such rumours with a view to sabotage the ongoing lawyers' movement, said President of Sindh High Court Bar Association (SHCBA), Rasheed A Rizvi, while talking to The Nation on Wednesday. He said the government was using all available resources and tactics to create fissures in the unity of lawyers and the rumours about the resignation of deposed CJ of Sindh High Court was also a part of this conspiracy. Rizvi confirmed that when this news was aired on a private TV channel, he immediately contacted Justice Sabihuddin Ahmed to confirm it but the deposed judge strongly denied the story. He said that lawyers did not want the deposed judges to resign because they were playing vital role in the lawyers' movement. He added the lawyers want the deposed judges to continue their leadership role in the lawyers' struggle. He, however, said that if the deposed judges resign in protest against the PCO, it would be a victory for the lawyers.   Earlier, a news item was spread that Justice Sabihuddin Ahmed had resigned while President Musharraf signed the notification for the reinstatement of eight other judges of the Sindh High Court. Meanwhile, the source revealed that appointment of Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali as new Chief Justice of Sindh High Court was expected on Thursday (today). The source further disclosed that Justice Jamali would assume charge after an oath taking ceremony to be held in Sindh Governor's House along with eight deposed judges.