PESHAWAR - Former Federal Minister and member of the influential family from Southern Lakki Marwat District, Anwar Saifullah Khan after getting "green signal" of Pakistan Peoples Party high command has initiated efforts for replacement of Amir Haider Khan Hoti as NWFP Chief Minister. Through some highly placed sources, The Nation came to know that in this respect, Anwar Saifullah Khan  initiated hobnobbing with the PPP affiliated parliamentarians including ministers here in Peshawar on Wednesday. Soon after completion of first-ever round of hobnobbing, Anwar Saifullah Khan received a telephonic call and left for Islamabad. The first-ever round of hobnobbing besides others was attended by NWFP Senior Minister and PPP provincial president Rahimdad Khan, Health Minister Zahir Shah, Labour Minister Sher Azam Khan and Technical Education Minister Mehmood Zeb Khan. Except Rahimdad Khan, the remaining three provincial ministers have established their identity as "worst critics of ANP, particularly Chief Minister Amir Khan Hoti since administering oath in last March." In the coming few days, Anwar Saifullah Khan would go for parading  his supporters on a lunch or dinner before media. "First of all, we are making efforts to unite the PPP parliamentarians so that they agree to the ongoing plan aimed at replacing the ANP government," the sources remarked. After taking the PPP affiliated parliamentarians into confidence, the remaining like-minded colleagues from other political forces including "dissidents within Awami National Party" ranks could be taken on board regarding the plan. The sources claimed that besides PPP-P, the minds behind the plan who apart from Anwar Saifullah Khan also included Sher Azam Wazir and Irrigation Minister Mr. Pervez Khattak are sure to muster the required strength in the House of 124 for toppling the ANP-led coalition government by the "partners within coalition." Though claims of Anwar Saifullah Khan and his well wishers regarding the required strength are yet to be confirmed, it has come to light that most of the PPP-P MPAs have been made disheartened by their counterparts from ANP. Similarly, the PPP stalwarts have also developed cordial links with their counterparts from other smaller political forces and groups within the Assembly. On the other hand, the ANP leadership claims enjoying support of around 54 in the House of 124. Some high-ranking ANP leadership when approached for comments, said that final decision rests with PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari. They added that Asif Ali Zardari is sincere in honouring his promises and commitments with the ANP leaders, which includes keeping intact the coalition in the Province. "Neither it is 88 nor it is 93 but we are in the 8th year of the new millennium," the ANP stalwart remarked and said "toppling of governments and replacements of the rulers could plunge the country into irreversible crises." However, while commenting on his meeting held between Anwar Saifullah and Humayun Saifullah, PPP provincial president Rahimdad Khan categorically denied any plan to replace the ANP's Chief Minister Ameer Haider Hoti with Anwar Saifullah. "You are talking about the replacement of NWFP Chief Minister. But my party even doesn't think about this as we are coalition partners and have a smooth sailing from the day one, Rahimdad Khan remarked. "It is crystal clear that I have personal relations with the family of Anwar Saifullah, as we have been college mates as well". Flanked by his elder brother Humayun Saifullah and other elders from his tribe, I met Anwar Saifullah at a dinner in a local hotel here and that's all, he concluded.