KARACHI - The Sindh government will approach the federal government to get cancelled the licenses, which were issued to allow export of cattle that resulted in price-hike of meat in domestic market and especially in Karachi. Sindh Minster for Bureau of Supply and Prices Syed Shoib Ahmed Bukhari disclosed this while addressing a meeting of traders and wholesalers at his office on Thursday. The meeting was aimed to take measures to control the prices of essential items such as vegetables, fruits, meat and others during holly month of Ramadan. The representatives of Karachi Dates Merchant Association, Falahi Anjuman Vegetable, Karachi Fresh Fruit Merchant Association, senior officials of the Sindh govt and other stakeholders also participated in the meeting. Provincial Minister claimed that previous federal government granting the licenses in 2006 and allowed the export of cattle from country. However, Sindh minister said a number of MNAs including Atta-ur-Rehman, brother of JUI-F chief Molana Fazul Rehman, and other influential persons got licenses to export cattle. He also claimed that he has names of other MNAs who got licenses, but he did not disclose other names. Owing to shortage of cattle and price hike of meat, the provincial government will approach the federal government for cancellation or withdrawal of licenses allotted to influential persons for cattle export as exporters did not meet the conditions attached the licenses, Minister said. 'Under the conditions, the exporters are bound to sell 60 per cent cattle in domestic market, while remaining 40 per cent can export he pointed out, adding that exporters are violating the said condition which was part and parcel of license. Earlier, Minister of Bureau of Supply and Prices inquired from the traders about the prices mechanism of fruits, vegetables, dates and other essential items in metropolis and emphasized for restraining of extra profit during upcoming holy month of Ramadan. The minister also appealed the people of province to avoid eating of fruits during Ramadan as mostly fruits come from Afghanistan and Balochistan where law and order situation is not normal, so limited supply will result in price hike. While discussing price control mechanism, the Provincial minister said the Market Committee of Karachi should be disbanded as it has brought nothing other than increase in the corruption. The objective f this exercise was to ascertain the prevailing prices of essential commodities, and to get the opinion of concerned stakeholders for controlling the prices at reasonable level in Ramadan. However, he warned the profit mafia to restrain the minting of money by illegal way during holy month; otherwise law will take its course. Minister said that District Price Control Committees lead by DCOs concerned are already exist in the province, while MPAs, traders and other concerned stakeholders would also work as member of the district committees. Meanwhile, a committee was also formed which will make procedure for price mechanism and to ensure availability of price list of essential commodities at retailers. Earlier, representatives of Karachi Dates Merchants Association, Karachi Onion/Potato Merchant Association and other briefed about the price mechanism and problems facing to them. They also demanded for withdrawal of federal tax on the import of fruit during Ramadan.