LAHORE - Despite opposition from the majority of members, the Punjab Assembly’s special standing committee on Monday issued a notice to Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy for appearing in in person after the Eid, as it took taking the decision on a motion earlier tabled by MPA Sheikh Alauddin, who had maintained that the award winner did not pay the acid victim as promised.
Rukhsana, the acid victim, also appeared before the committee and said she had been promised a house and Rs 3 million in cash for allowing to be filmed in the documentary, ‘Saving Face’. She, however, admitted that there was no written agreement on the subject.
Alauddin insisted that Sharmeen be asked to appear before the committee to explain her position, as she did not fulfilled the promise with Rukhsana, who played main role in the documentary that won her the prestigious award.
In response to an earlier communication, Sharmeen sent an affidavit before the committee affirming that she had bought Rukhsana a house in lieu of 65000 dollars as per the agreement and that she (Rukhsana) was not the only lady who worked for her documentary as eight other victims were also filmed.
Sharmeen also said in her affidavit that Rukhsana had gone back to her husband and was trying to prevent him from punishment.
Rukhsana, on the other hand, said the house given to her by the NGO at Qasim Baila (Muzaffargarh) had no electricity and gas. She also demanded Rs 30 million extra to be paid to her as promised.
Sajida Mir, one of the committee members, told this scribe that after cross questioning of the acid victim and seeing the contents of Sharmeen’s affidavit, all women members of the said committee - Amna Ulfat, Khadija Omer, Arifa Khalid Pervaiz and she herself - reached the conclusion that Rukhsana’s case had no substance as she already had got the house as per the verbal agreement and the matter was sub-judice as well.
She alleged that the committee chairman, Qaisar Sindhi, sent a notice to Sharmeen without taking into consideration the majority view.