Pakistani cricketers bear the burden of being our ambassadors abroad. Their on and off the field behavior has a social and political significance that goes well beyond the field and enters into our homes. For cricket fans, PCB is not just an organisation; it is a mini Pakistan and looked upon as an institution. Until PCB itself tries to clean itself, our cricketing standards will keep on sliding down. The culture of taking work from the qualified professionals to be handed over to the existing senior staff of the PCB, who can’t even develop a multi-media presentation. Everyone knows how many managers in the PCB can truly handle a computer. It is suggested that PCB should be totally revamped from to make it function like a top class international organisation with zero tolerance for bureaucratic style of work.

The greatest harm PCB is causing, is producing mediocre run-of-the-mill players; and at the same time, talented players (like Awais Zia) are facing hurdles in coming into the lime light. If PCB wants to survive, it must become a professional organisation, and shun politics and self-serving policies. PCB should become an organization that stimulates the employees for honest work and recognises and rewards them. However, the top management must know very clearly that it cannot become a first class organisation by just transfers, postings, change of designations, hiring or firing of employees because in fact such steps breed even more discontent.

Till PCB is turned into a center of excellence, it can’t produce players who can be world class players. PCB must also not forget that the world’s best and most expensive coaches are not a recipe for success. The recipe for success mostly lies in the smooth working of a well-defined system, led by an honest and sincere PCB chairman. As such, rather than hiring a foreign coach, we need to hire an experienced and qualified foreign expert who has the experience of running a sports academy on professional lines. This expert should be assigned the task to turn PCB into a center of excellence, second to none in the world.


Lahore, August 5.