ISLAMABAD - Registrar Supreme Court Wednesday asked former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry’s lawyer to submit reasons for procuring documents related to Imran Khan contempt case.

The ex-CJP before Eid-ul-Fitr submitted an application in the apex court for supply of documents related to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan’s case. The printing branch of the apex court raised objections on the application of the ex-CJP, saying according to the Rule 2, Order 09 of Supreme Court Rules, the former chief justice was not a party in the case and could not be provided with a copy of the records. However, the printing branch of SC has referred Justice Chaudhry’s application to the SC registrar.

The top court had issued a contempt of court notice to the PTI chief on July 31, 2013 for using the word ‘shameful’ against the judiciary. The notice was discharged when Imran Khan personally appeared before the court and submitted an affidavit and the statement filed in the Election Commission of Pakistan. In the affidavit the PTI chief had apologised, saying that he used the word against the conduct of presiding officers in 2013 general elections only and not the judiciary.

However, after the retirement of Chaudhry as chief justice of Pakistan, Imran Khan in TV talk shows, speeches in public rallies and press conferences started using slanderous, malicious and preposterous language against the ex-CJP, and said he was involved in rigging of 2013 elections to favour a political party (PML-N).

Sheikh Ahsanud Din, counsel for former CJP, told The Nation that he needed these documents for Rs 20 billion defamation notice sent to Imran for levelling maliciously false, baseless and politically motivated allegations against Chaudhry. He said that the documents were the evidence against Imran, adding he would submit the reasons before the registrar.