Lahore - According to two former spy heads, PTI’s Azadi March and Dr Qadri’s Inqalab will come and pass and the sit-in will fizzle out.

Former head of ISI, COAS General Ziauddin Butt, said that whatever impact the Azadi March will make, its scale will be limited.  “It doesn’t mean that nothing is going to happen,” he said adding, that something would happen although its scale will be limited. People would disperse ultimately, he said.

He also said that the government had a lot of options to cope with the situation. 

“There is a segment within the PTI that does not have any knowledge about the scenario prevailed in 1977. They had not seen what happened at that time as a result of the mass movement,” he said.

He was of the view that eventually, the PTI folks would realise that the kind of sit-in they were planning wasn’t going to be helpful.  “People will soon realise what they are actually doing is an attempt to derail democracy. So they will back out.”

He also compared the situation with the political landscape of India saying in India, whenever there was talk of popular opposition taking on the government, the idea had never been to dismember the elected government.

Former head of ISI Gen Hameed Gul said that it would all ‘come and pass’.  According to him, the entire movement was not well planned.  “The two gentlemen are not clear about the objectives they want to achieve during their marches,” he said.

He also hinted at the possibility of the youth getting frustrated as a result of the entire Azadi March ending up in a failure. However, he said that so far as the charges of rigging leveled by PTI were concerned, they were right but the approach to go about finding a settlement isn’t right. “There is no roadmap,” he said.

He said there were other more pressing problems that needed to be focused on.

“There are other issues to be focused on. There is no roadmap. The situation is very challenging and if the politicians fail to solve it, it will fall on the nation to solve it. “